Graduate Cell Biology


Fall 2016

Mon., Tue., Wed. & Thu.  11:00 A.M. –11:50 A.M.
Room: Rayford Auditorium BMRII
Course Director
Jason Chang, Ph.D.

Textbook: “Molecular Cell Biology”, 7th edition, by Lodish et al., 2012, W. H. Freeman, N.Y, N.Y.  (August 1, 2013)

PowerPoint slides from Instructors will be available at Blackboard before their lectures. You are encouraged to take a look at the slides before coming to the class. If you have questions/problems about accessing the program, please contact Dr. Jason Chang, our Education/Technology Resource Specialist.

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  • After you log in, click on “COM M7003 – Cell Biology
  • You will see links on the side of the page.  Click on the “Content” link to access the PPTs.



Week 1ChangDrewDrewDrew
Aug. 14IntroductionCell Commun.Cell Commun.Cell Commun.
Week 2DrewMacNicol, M.MacNicol, MJennings
Aug. 21Cell Commun.Cell MethodsCell MethodsPlasma Membrane
Week 3JenningsJenningsNo ClassNo Class
Aug. 28Plasma MembranePlasma MembraneNo ClassNo Class
Week 4Labor Day HolidayJenningsNo ClassExam #1
Sep. 4No ClassPlasma membraneNo Class1 - 3 pm
Week 5ChangChangChangChang
Sep. 11CytoskeletonCytoskeletonCytoskeletonProtein Target
Week 6ChangChangChangKelly
Sep. 18Protein TargetVesicle TrafficVesicle TrafficCell Matrix
Week 7KellyKellyNo ClassExam #2
Sep. 25Cell MatrixCell MatrixNo Class1 - 3 pm
Week 8No ClassNo ClassMacNicol, MMacNicol, M
Oct. 2No ClassNo ClassStem CellsStem Cells
Week 9ChangChangChangMacNicol, M
Oct. 9MitochondriaCell DeathCell DeathCell Cycle
Week 10MacNicol, A.BurnsBurnsExam #3
Oct. 16Cell CycleCircadianCircadian1 - 3 pm
Week 11StanleyStanleyNo ClassNo Class
Oct. 23Mitosis/MeiosisMitosis/MeiosisNo ClassNo Class
Week 12ChangChangChangNo Class
Oct. 30Nerve CellsNerve CellsNerve CellsNo Class
Week 13DanielDanielNo ClassNo ClassVeteran's Day Holiday
Nov. 6Cancer CellsCancer CellsNo ClassNo Class
Week 14No ClassNo ClassMorrisonMorrison
Nov. 13No ClassNo ClassImmune CellsImmune Cells
Week 15No ClassMorrisonNo ClassThanksgiving HolidayThanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 20No ClassImmune CellsNo Class
Week 16VothVothZhaoZhao
Nov. 27PathogensPathogensBone CellsBone Cells
Week 17No ClassExam #4
Dec. 4No Class1 - 3 pm