Dana Gaddy

Dana Gaddy, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine
Office: (501) 686-5918
Fax: (501) 686-8167

1. The molecular and cellular bases for and the physiological roles of activin, inhibin, and bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) action on osteoblast and osteoclast differentiation during bone remodeling.  Using a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing these goals, in vitro analyses of osteoblast and osteoclast differentiation are coupled with analysis of bone phenotype.  In vivo models include transgenic mice with altered inhibin and activin action that are used to determine the role that these growth factors have on bone remodeling.  Finally, our human studies focus on determining if changes in inhibin levels in men and women are correlated with changes in bone turnover, bone mass, and bone quality.

2. Integral effects of disuse on the musculoskeletal system.  Using a rat model of limb disuse and exercise countermeasures, our approach is to determine the mechanisms of bone loss and coordinated muscle atrophy as well as the mechanisms of musculoskeletal restoration that may differ during aging (in collaboration with Drs. Larry Suva and Esther Dupont-Versteegden). We hope to determine the type and extent of reloading and/or exercise that is required to independently maintain and restore both bone and muscle during disuse. We have also adapted these studies to our mouse transgenic models to determine the impact of inhibin overexpression on musculoskeletal disuse.

3. Mechanisms of osteolytic metastatic bone disease.  In collaboration with Dr. Larry Suva, our goal is to determine the cascade of molecular events that are responsible for breast cancer cells homing to bone, growing in bone, and causing bone destruction (osteolysis).  Gene array technology and protein profiling are used to address these mechanisms for subsequent determination of the contribution of validated target molecules (eg. IL- 8) on osteoclast formation and function, and in a mouse model of tumor osteolysis.

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Representative Publications

Perrien, D.S., ,Achenbach, S.J.,Bledsoe,S.E., Walser, B., Suva,L., Khosla, S., and Gaddy, D. (2006) Bone Turnover across the Menopause Transition: Correlations with Inhibins and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone. J. Clin. Endo. Metab.  May;91(5):1848-54. (Epub Jan 31).


Perrien, D.S., N.S. Akel, R.A. Skinner, E.E. Dupont-Versteegden, L.J. Suva, and Gaddy, D. (2007) Aging Alters the Skeletal Response to Disuse in the Rat. Am. J. Physiol. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiol. 292(2):R988-96. (Epub Oct 26, 2006)
Nicks K.M., Fowler T.S., Perrien D.S., Akel N.S., Suva L.J., and Gaddy D. (2010) Bone turnover across the menopause transition: The role of gonadal Inhibins. Annals of the NY Acad. Sci. 1192:153-160

Nicks, K.M., Perrien, D.S., N.S. Akel, L.J. Suva, and Gaddy, D. (2009) Regulation of osteoblastogenesis and osteoclastogenesis by the other reproductive hormones, Activin and Inhibin. Mol Cell Endocrinol. Oct 30;310(1-2):11-20. Epub 2009 Jul 15.
Nicks, K.M., Fowler, T.S., and Gaddy, D. (2010) Reproductive hormones and bone. Current Osteoporosis Reports  8:60–67


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