Kottayil Varughese

Kottayil I. Varughese
Ph.D., University of Madras, India
Office: (501) 686-7160
Lab: (501) 686-7159

My laboratory focuses on the structure elucidation of protein molecules using crystallographic techniques. The main areas of interest are (i) platelet glycoprotein interactions relevant to blood clotting (ii) interactions of methamphetamine and its metabolites with a therapeutic antibody and (iii) structure of proteins involved in bacterial cell wall synthesis. Additionally, we use computational techniques to identify therapeutic inhibitors aimed at developing drugs for cardiovascular diseases and obesity. We have collaborations with the laboratories of Drs. Jerry Ware, Jawahar Mehta, Frank Simmen and Kevin Raney.

 Representative Publications

Celikel R., Veldore V.H., Mathews I., Devine K.M., Varughese K.I. ATP Forms a Stable Complex with the Essential Histidine Kinase WalK (YycG) Domain. Acta Crystallographica D68, 839-45, 2012

Zarpellon A, Celikel R, Roberts JR, McClintock RA, Mendolicchio GL, Moore KL, Jing H, Varughese K.I., Ruggeri ZM. Binding of a-thrombin to surface-anchored platelet glycoprotein Iba sulfotyrosines through a two-site mechanism involving exosite I. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108: 8628-33, 2011.  

Zhao H., Violov A., Veldore V. H., Hoch J. A. and Varughese K. I. Crystal structure of the transcriptional repressor PagR of Bacillus anthracis.  Microbiology 156: 385-391, 2010

Celikel R., Peterson EC, Owens S.M., Varughese K.I. Crystal structures of a therapeutic single chain antibody in complex with two drugs of abuse-Methamphetamine and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Protein Science 18 : 2336-45, 2009

Varughese K.I., Zhao H., Veldore, V. H. and Zapf J. Sporulation phosphorelay proteins and their complexes: Crystallographic characterization. Methods in Enzymology: 2007 Volume 422: 102-122

Celikel, R., McClintock, R. A., Roberts, J. R, Mendolicchio, G. L., Ware, J., Varughese, K. I., and Ruggeri. Z. M.,  Modulation of α-thrombin function by distinct interactions with platelet glycoprotein Ibα. Science 2003 301: 218-221.

Celikel, R., Ruggeri, Z.M., and Varughese, K.I.  Modulation of von Willebrand factor conformation and adhesive function by an internalized water molecule.  Nature Structural Biology 2000 7: 881-884.

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