Parimal Chowdhury

Parimal Chowdhury
Ph.D., McGill University
Office: (501) 686-5443
Lab: (501) 686-5472

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The overall goals of our laboratory are to apply the physiological principles to evaluate the mechanisms of disease processes. Currently our laboratory is focused in two specific research areas. The first area concerns with detailed in-vivo studies using rodents as animal species and in-vitro studies using immortalized and primary cell cultures. These studies are designed to determine mechanisms of nicotine-induced pathophysiological changes of the pancreas. We apply physiological, biochemical, ultra-structural and molecular techniques to evaluate the systemic events that lead to the induction of pancreatitis and eventually to development pancreatic carcinogenesis. Our second focus was to study effects of weightlessness on several physiological variables that include muscle disuse on oxidative processes, radiation, including nutrition and pressure-pain threshold in rodent model of simulated microgravity. Our ultimate aim is to develop the countermeasures for space travel related sickness. We apply modified NASA validated tail- suspended rodent model to study varieties of physiological parameters including diet, nutrition and antioxidants.  These studies are being conducted in collaboration with Winthrop Rockefeller Cancer Institute and other clinical department of the UAMS College of Medicine.

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Representative Publications

Parimal Chowdhury and Stewart MacLeod. Smoking and Cancer. In: Cigarette Smoke Toxicity, Linking individual chemicals to human diseases. Bernhard, D.(Ed), Wiley Publishers, 2011 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co.KGaA.Boschstr 12 69409, Weinheim, Germany, Chapter 8, pp 145-159. Published on line 24th Feb 2011; DOI 10 1002/9783527635320.ch8

Parimal Chowdhury; Michael E Soulsby; John J Jayroe; Akel S Nisreen; Dana Gaddy; Maxim Dobretsov,. Pressure Hyperalgesia in Hind-Limb Suspended Rats. Aviation Space Environ Med 82:988-991, 2011

Parimal Chowdhury. Parimal Chowdhury’s work on smoking related pancreatic disorders. World Journal Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology 2011 June 15; 2(3): 35-40

Samar Hassen, Nawab Ali and Parimal Chowdhury.  Molecular Signaling Mechanisms of Apoptosis in Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer. World Journal Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology  2012, June 15 3(3):71-79.

Parimal Chowdhury and Kodethoor B. Udupa. Effect of Nicotine on Exocytotic Pancreatic Secretory Response: Role of calcium signaling. Tobacco Induced Diseases 11:1-9, 2013 (Listed in Faculty of 1000 on February 20, 2013)

Parimal Chowdhury, Ashley Long, Gabriella Harris, Michael E. Soulsby, and Maxim Dobretsov. Animal model of simulated microgravity: a comparative study of hindlimb unloading via tail versus pelvic Suspension. Physiological Reports 1 (issue 1):1-11, 2013

P. Chowdhury, M. Soulsby, J. Pasley, D. McKay, and S. Bansal . Effects of dietary soy protein on hematological and Tissue Oxidant/Anti-oxidant levels in rats exposed to Simulated Microgravity. J Phys Chem and Biophys 3(1ssue 1):1-6, 2013

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