Admission Requirements and Applying

Students must simultaneously gain admission to the Graduate School as well as to one of the Department’s graduate programs. Students qualified for admission to the Graduate School should in addition have the following undergraduate coursework:

  • mathematics-a course in calculus
  • chemistry-two semester courses in both inorganic and organic chemistry, courses in biochemistry¬†are strongly encouraged
  • physics-a course in physics
  • biology-at least two courses in biology, zoology or related disciplines
  • Additional courses in the biological sciences and computer sciences are helpful but not required. For students seeking admittance to either the M.S. thesis track or Ph.D. programs, previous research experience in a laboratory is also helpful though not required.

Students who lack one or two courses listed above may be admitted, but any deficiencies that exist at the time of admission must be corrected within the first year of graduate studies.

Application is made online through the Graduate School. Application packets should include the following:

  1. completed application form
  2. GRE scores
  3. TOEFL scores (required from international applicants only)
  4. transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  5. three letters of recommendation
  6. statement from the applicant describing his/her reasons for seeking admission to graduate school, interests and career goals

All application materials should be submitted to the Graduate School. Once complete, applications are sent to the Department for consideration by the Graduate Admissions Committee.