Workshop Schedule

Physiology Research Workshop 2014
2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month
Noon-1pm, Biomed 1, Room 205-207

This Research Workshop provides a forum for students and post-doctoral fellows to practice their presentation skills as well as obtain feedback on their research projects from other trainees and faculty. In addition, this Workshop also provides an opportunity for faculty to present ideas and get feedback for upcoming grant submissions.

All Physiology PhD program students who have passed their candidacy exam are required to present their research in one Research Workshop per academic year. These students will use only 5 dates listed below, and we invite IBS graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are performing their research in Physiology Department laboratories to also participate in this Workshop program.


  • October 14th – Sarah Zimmerman
  • November 18th – Archana Kamalakar
  • December 2nd – Rose Willett (Defense)
  • December 16th – Lee Ann King
  • January 20th – Meghan Reubel
  • February 10th – Lindsey Dickson
  • March 10th – Nang San Hti Lar Seng
  • April 28th – Melissa Heard
  • May 12th – Garrett Sheumaker
  • May 19th – Leslie Climer

*Revised April 14th, 2015

Note that lunch will be provided for the first 20 attendees.

For more information, contact Laurie CostaDana Gaddy or Aime Franco.