Workshop Schedule

Physiology Research Workshop

Fall 2016

Held on Tuesdays
Noon-1pm, Biomed 1, Room 205-207


This Research Workshop provides a forum for students and post-doctoral fellows to practice their presentation skills as well as obtain feedback on their research projects from other trainees and faculty. In addition, the Workshop also provides an opportunity for faculty to present ideas and get feedback for upcoming grant submissions.

All Physiology PhD Program students and IBS PhD Program Students affiliated with Physiology/Biophysics faculty and who have passed their candidacy exam are required to present their research annually (one per academic year). Postdoctoral fellows who are conducting full-time research with Departmental faculty are also required to present in the Research Workshop. Faculty who wish to present can schedule for an open date.


Schedule of Speakers (and their Mentors)   

  • October 4  –  Morello lab – grant resubmission discussion
  • October 10 – Jessica Bailey  (Vladimir Lupashin) – Note:  to be held on a Monday due to committee conflicts
  • October 17 – Lorenzo Fernandes (Frank Simmen) – Note:  to be held on a Monday due to committee conflicts
  • November 1 – Leslie Climer (Vladimir Lupashin)
  • November 15 – Shijie Liu (Brian Storrie)
  • December 13 –  Shilpi Yadav (Brian Storrie)

Spring Semester 2017 line of speakers will be updated in early December 2016.

Note that lunch will be provided for the first 20 attendees.

Information, contact Kyle Douglas or Vladimir Lupashin