Regulation Of Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic

Fall 2019 – GENE EXPRESSION (5112)

Rayford Auditorium Room 106-2
Biomedical Research Center II
Tuesdays & Thursdays
9:00 am – 11:00 am

Course Director:  Dr. Patricia Wight

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Link To Syllabus And Course Schedule (pdf):    GENE EXPRESSION Fall 2019



It is recommended that students have taken an undergraduate course in biochemistry and/or molecular biology.


The goal of this course is for students to acquire a working knowledge of the various methods by which gene expression can be controlled.  A side-by-side comparison of these mechanisms for both prokaryotes and eukaryotes will be explored.  It is anticipated that at the end of this course, students will become proficient at reading the primary literature relevant to gene expression.

Course Structure

The course is 3 credit hours which meet twice a week for 2 hours per session.  The course will be conducted by didactic lectures, as well as, class discussion of current reviews and primary papers.  The students will be assigned a grade solely based on exams, which will be in the format of short answer/essay questions.  Grades will scaled, with the class average typically set at a B. Plus/minus grades will be given in the course, but please note that the graduate school records only solid grades (no +/-).

Reading Material

Readings will mainly consist of recent reviews and primary articles as assigned by the individual Instructors.  Lewin’s Genes XI is recommended as a text for general background.  A copy of the text has been placed on Reserve in the main library (2 hour intervals).

Course Evaluation

The course will be evaluated by the students as per standard UAMS procedures.  Each Instructor will also be evaluated by the students.