Jerry Ware, Ph.D.

Jerry Ware, Ph.D.

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Office: (501) 526-6096
Lab:  (501) 526-7528


Dr. Ware’s laboratory studies fundamental aspects of platelet biology to elucidate their role of in hemostasis, thrombosis and in the development of cardiovascular disease. Since platelets are anucleate fragments of cytoplasm, in vivo models are used based on the hypothesis that the unique cellular characteristics of megakaryocytes and platelets require the correct in vivo environment for meaningful assessment of biological properties. Currently, we are characterizing variants of the human glycoprotein Ib receptor expressed on the surface of circulating mouse platelets. Methodologies include the generation of transgenic and gene-targeted deletions in the mouse genome. These studies are defining the molecular mechanisms controlling normal platelet generation and the role of specific platelet receptors in disease.

Representative Publications

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