Department Administration



Department Administrator, Interim
Suresh Kannan, Ph.D.
Assistant Chair
Biomedical Research Center II 207-2 / #501 320-7310
Laurie Costa
Laurie Costa
Program Specialist
Biomedical Research Center II 559-2 / # 505 501-296-1041
Leoamie Jefferson
Leoamie Jefferson
Education Specialist
Biomedical Research Center I B212 / #750 501-603-1272
Edith Parker
Edith Parker, M.B.A.
Executive Assistant I
Biomedical Research Center II 206-2 / #505 501-686-5442


Physiology staff picture


Postdoctoral Fellows

Adam Korken
Adam Corken
Biomedical Research Building II 215-2
Advisor: Jerry Ware, Ph.D.


Laboratory Personnel

Meloney Cregor
Meloney Cregor, B.S.
Research Associate III / Lab Manager
Biomedical Research Center II 233-2
Lab: Teresita Bellido, Ph.D.
Kelly Ball
Kelly Ball, M.S.
Research Associate
Biomedical Building Two, Room 251-2
Lab: Melda Onal, Ph.D.
Nisreen Akel
Nisreen Akel, B.S.
Research Associate
Biomedical Research Center II 238-2
Lab: Melda Onal, Ph.D.
Milena Dimori
Milena Dimori, Ph.D.
Research Assistant
Biomedical Research Center II 221-2
Lab: Roy Morello, Ph.D.
Tetyana Kudlyk
Tetyana Kudlyk, M.S.
Research Assistant II
Biomedical Research Center II 243-2
Lab: Vladmir Lupashin, Ph.D.
Irina Pokrovskaya
Irina Pokrovskaya, M.S.
Research Associate
Biomedical Research Center II 243-2
Lab: Brian Storrie, Ph.D.


The mailing address for the above individuals is:

Department of Physiology and Biophysics, #505
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72205 USA

Fax # 501-686-8167